Technical report 123


ACD/Labs  –  Advanced Chemistry Development (company)
APIs –  Active pharmaceutical ingredient
BCF –  Bioconcentration factor
BIOWIN –  The biodegradation probability program
COD –  Chemical oxygen demand
Da –  Dalton, unified atomic mass unit
DOC –  Dissolved organic carbon
DOW –  Distribution coefficient, octanol-water
DT50 –  Half-life, depuration (time needed to eliminate 50% of the substance) (IUPAC, 2009)
DT90 –  Time to 90% depuration (IUPAC, 2009)
ECHA –  European Chemicals Agency
EMEA –  European Medicines Agency
EPA –  Environmental Protection Agency
EPI –  Exposure/potency index
ERA –  Environmental risk assessment
EU –  European Union
EUSES –  European unified system for the evaluation of substances
GREAT-ER –  Geographically-referred regional exposure assessment tool for European rivers
HPLC –  High performance liquid chromatography
Ka –  Acid dissociation (acidity) constant
Kbiol –  Rate constant, biological degradation
KOW –  Octanol-water partition coefficient
LRI –  Long-range Research initiative
LFERs –  Linear free energy relationships
LSERs –  Linear solvation energy relationship
MAMI –  Multimedia activity model for (organic neutral and) ionisable chemicals
MoA –  Mode of action
NER –  Non-extractable residue
OC –  Organic carbon
OECD –  Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
OPPTS –  Office of Prevention, Pesticides and Toxic Substances
PBT –  Persistent, bioaccumulative, toxic
PEC –  Predicted environmental concentration
pH –  –log (H+ concentration)
pKa –  –log (acid dissociation constant)
PMO –  Perturbed molecular orbital
PNEC –  Predicted no effect concentration
PPCP –  Pharmaceutical and personal care product
QSAR –  Quantitative structure activity relationship
RCR –  Risk characterisation ratio
SPARC –  SPARC performs automated reasoning in chemistry
SRC –  Syracuse Research Corporation
TGD –  Technical guidance document