Science in Society at EUROTOX 2011


At the annual meeting of EUROTOX (European Societies of Toxicology) in 2008, ECETOC organised a workshop on “Science in Society’. It explored the issues of conflict of interest and sources of funding in health and environmental science by presentations from eminent scientists in academia and industry, and was well received by the audience. Hence, ECETOC’s proposal for another session on the topic has been accepted by the programme committee of this year’s EUROTOX congress (28-31 August, Paris). We have invited four speakers (Gerard Swaen, Dow Chemical; Peter Calow, University of Nebraska; José Tarazona, ECHA; Helen Håkansson, Karolinska Institute) to present their ideas on systematic improvement.

The session will take place on 29 August, 10:15-12:30, under the title “Science in Society: Improving the credibility of research in health and environmental science’.