2011 Revisions to the science strategy

The science strategy of ECETOC guides the development of its work programme and hence the specific activities that it undertakes. At last year’s ATM, ECETOC member companies gave their input on current and future priorities, and this was subsequently evaluated by the Scientific Committee over the past year. The resulting revision includes 10 science areas grouped into 5 main themes as pictured below. Two science areas have been removed, i.e. on “sensitive sub-populations’ and “indoor air’, since there are no related activities at ECETOC for the time being. “Integrated testing strategies’ now includes the “omics where ECETOC is active, in particular by organising specialised workshops. More detailed descriptions of the revised science areas with background, objective and desired outcome or impact can be found on the members’ website (for members only). A printed brochure is available upon request and can be downloaded in pdf format here:

Dr Christa Hennes
Health Sciences Manager

Strategy flow chart

strategy flow chart