Board of Administration

The Board of Administration is empowered by the Annual General Meeting with the management and administration of ECETOC and delegates these tasks on a daily basis to its Secretary General.

The Board is composed of at least six member company representatives. Two Board members are entitled to represent the Associate members. Board members have a two-year mandate and are responsible for the overall policy and finance of the association as well as appointing the members of the Scientific Committee.

Member companies may propose candidates for the Board; these candidates must have managerial duties within their company and possess scientific and technical experience.

  • Martin Kayser, BASF

    Martin Kayser

  • Chantal Smulders

    Chantal Smulders

    Shell International
    (Vice-Chair (Awaiting photo))
  • Lorraine Francourt, Dow Europe

    Lorraine Francourt

    Dow Europe
  • Patrick Masscheleyn, P&G

    Patrick Masscheleyn

    Procter & Gamble
  • Steve Maund

    Steve Maund

    Syngenta Crop Protection
  • Craig Nessel, ExxonMobil

    Craig Nessel

  • Heiko Rieck, Bayer

    Heiko Rieck

  • Volker Soballa, Evonik

    Volker Soballa

    Evonik Industries